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Here is an experienced Internet enterprise which was found in 2013, our products involve in tourism, entertainment, education, social media, and so on. There are over 200 employees, who serve users or customers from all over the world.

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Chamet is one of our extraordinary products. It has been running for 15 months. Our daily active users are around 500,000 now and it keeps growing every day. We connect people with different cultural backgrounds to make chat borderless.

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Not only can we provide an amazing platform for your hostesses to earn, but also an extraordinary platform to let you strengthen your team because you can invite and bind some other agencies with you here. Your revenue will grow by increasing the number of sub-agents, which is our most significant feature.



Commission And Settlement

The Commission Ratio of Agencies

The commission ratio of agencies is floating according to the total weekly revenue of an agency. This total weekly revenue is made up of two parts:

     1. Part One
     Total weekly earning of all his hostesses.

     2. Part Two
     Total weekly revenue of all his sub-agents.

Commission And Settlement

The Commission Ratio of Agencies

Your commission ratio depends on the total weekly earning of your hostesses and sub-agents. Check the chart below to know the details.

Earning of Hostesses

01. Earning of Hostesses

Total weekly earning of all you hostesses. Your total income as an agent of the total income of all girls per week who work with you.

For example: you have 100 girls, from 100 girls they get a total income of 4000$ per week

4000$ * 15% = $600

02. Total Weekly Revenue of All His Sub-Agent

Total weekly revenue of all his sub agent.

For example: Your hostesses’ weekly income is 4000$ and your sub agent get 1000$ per week. Then your sub agent helps you achieve your ratio.

4000$ from hostesses per week + sub agent 1000$ per week then the total is 5000$
at 5000$ means your percent commission is 20%

5000$ * 20% = $1000

Earning of Hostesses


The time point of settlement is every Sunday at 23:59 (UTC+8). The time of payment is every Thursday(UTC+8).


We send salaries to hostesses' wallets every week. A hostess MUST bind her own phone number and a valid withdrawal method with her account BEFORE withdrawing payment from her wallet.


The salaries are sent to hostesses directly, and the commission fees are sent to agents directly. (Due to policies of different countries, this policy may vary.)


Agents or hostesses must register via ArriPay. If agent: on the dashboard & if host: in my wallet.




Rules for Agencies


It is not allowed to bind hostesses who have been working in Chamet already. We will stop cooperation and hold the payments as long as we find it.


It is not allowed to bring Chamet's hostesses to other Apps. We will stop cooperation and hold the payments as long as we find it.


Agency should not cut any payment of hostesses, we pay considerable commission separately.


Agency should serve their hostesses well and maintain a stable relationship with them. If any of your hostesses leaves your agency for more than 2 weeks from the last active day in your agency(which you can check in "Hostess List" of the Management System), you shall not ask us to ban her new registered account and force her back to your agency.


Some serious violations would cause strict punishment such as banning the hostess from Chamet, confiscation of related agency’s commission. The following situations are strictly forbidden!

Screenshot of Chamet Agent Registration Process


Also, we use Chamet Standards to regulate some behaviors of hostesses. If they ignore the standards of warnings, we will remove her from the List of Popular, which will cause the fact that no callers can find them until they correct their unqualified behaviors


Our AI system helps us to do inspections and they are very sensitive, so please inform your hostesses of avoiding unqualified behaviors. Moreover, our AI system also can screen out hostesses who are not able to earn and then stop distributing calls for them, so you should not recruit hostesses who are not good at this profession because they will be dismissed anyway.



Registration as An Agency in Chamet

If you accept all the rules mentioned above, you can register as an agency in Chamet. After registration, we will provide a management system (http://agent.ichamet.com) to you, which helps you monitor your hostesses and sub-agents, check their salaries and your revenue, bind hostesses or sub-agents under your agency and so on. Thus, you should master the management system because you will need to operate your team independently.

Registration as An Agency in Chamet

We will send you a registration link separately, you will register by it and fill in all required information in the form. You can start to use the management system immediately after successful registration.

Diverse interactions facilitated by the Chamet App.

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Our office time:

Monday to Friday
9:30 am – 5:30 pm (UTC+8) 



add hosts

How to Add Hostesses to Your Chamet Agency?

There are 2 ways or methods to add new hostesses to work under your Chamet agency, using her own smartphone.





add hosts

The First method to bind new hostess to your chamet agency is by send her your “Invitation link of Hostess”, your future chamet hostess needs to do this:

02. Ask your future Chamet Host to open invitation link and bind her phone number.

When she opens your invitation link, Your future host have to fill this form to join your Chamet agency:

1. She select country code & enter her mobile number
2. She click “Send”
3. She enter the OTP code
4. She click Bind

02. Ask your future Chamet Host to Download Chamet application from Google play Store.

Ask her to Download Chamet Application from Google play Store and register new account using her Phone number as in the next step

03. Ask your future Chamet Host to create new account on Chamet App with her phone number.

When she finish download Chamet Application from Google play Store, she have to open Chamet App on her phone and register new account using her Phone number like this:

1. She click on More Option
2. She click on Phone
3. She put her phone number (must be the same she used on invitation link form) + confirm the new OTP code received by SMS
4. Select Female
5. She put her Birthdate
6. She put her Profile Picture
7. She choose her Nickname
8. She click on Complete

If she follows exactly the same steps, your Chamet hostess will be automatically added to your agency. She will be able to work.


Do NOT create new account on chamet app with Facebook login OR Google Login.

Use ONLY: More options → Phone

It is very important for the registration to be correct, start by the PHONE option and don’t use Facebook or Google login options, this could invalidate the registration.

If your host created her account with Facebook/Google, you will need to process the activation manually (using the second method).

add hosts

The second way bind your Girls to your Chamet agency is by asking your girl to send you her ID on Chamet Application + the Phone number related to her Chamet App account.

Here is how it works:

01. Ask your future Chamet Host to create new account on Chamet App with her phone number.

When she opens your invitation link, Your future host have to fill this form to join your Chamet agency:

1. She select country code & enter her mobile number
2. She click “Send”
3. She enter the OTP code
4. She click Bind

02. Ask your future Chamet Host to Copy her Chamet ID and send it to you + the phone number she used.

When your future chamet host finish creating new account, Ask her to go to:

Profile → My Profile → Copy Chamet ID

and send it to you.

03. Bind your Chamet Host manually.

When you get her Chamet ID + her Phone number, Login to your Chamet Dashboard, and follow steps bellow:

1. Click on Member List → Hostess List
2. Click on Add button
3. Masukkan Chamet ID + Phone number
4. Click on Submit

After that, Your Host will receive a request to Join your Agency on her Chamet app account.

Ask her to go to:
Profile → My Earning → Hostesses Assistant

Then she have to click on AGREE.



Chamet App is Live streaming app & Random Match app at the same time which includes all functions that Hosts and Agents need in this industry. Best Chamet App Features:

1. Chamet app is installed by more than +10 000 000 individuals worldwide.
2. Hosts can choose to work on Video chat 1-to-1 / Live streaming / Party room sreaming / Random Match / text chat messages, at anytime.
3. Video chat 1-to-1 (Private video call) with worldwide registred users and earn Beans for every minute (Beans = $).
4. Live Streaming to interact with multiple Chamet users at the same time, they can send you Gifts or Call you 1-to-1 video for more fun.
5. Party room is a great chamet feature allowing multiple Chamet users to Livestream together.
6. Random Match allows Hosts to meet more Chamet users and each one decide to skip or to continue with a private call.

7. Text chat message with Real-Time translation allowing chamet users to text anyone from any country.
8. Chamet camera options allow streamers to use filters, beauty effects and customize their own beauty effects to make her look more gorgeous and have more fun.
9. Hosts can receive a private call on all Chamet features (live streaming / Random match / ….) and get paid for every minute.
10. Hosts can choose their own Private Call Price as 1.200Beans/minute, 2.400Beans/minute, 12.000Beans/minute, or more (Beans = $).
11. Ask and receive Gifts from Chamet users on Live streaming or Private calls or Text chat… Each Gifts is equal to a specific amount of (Beans = $).
12. Chamet app block screenshots and screenrecord to avoid any privacy violation from malicious users.

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