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"about us"

It is glad that you are interested in Chamet!


Here is an experienced Internet enterprise which was found in 2013, our products involve in tourism, entertainment, education, social media, and so on. There are over 200 employees, who serve users or customers from all over the world.


Chamet is one of our extraordinary products. It has been running for 24 months. Our daily active users are around 500,000 now and it keeps growing every day. We connect people with different cultural backgrounds to make chat borderless.

About Us

Hosts are active female users of our app, who video chat with other community members. Ideally aged 18 – 35, interested in making new social relationships, looking for a reliable source of income by working online, and wanting flexible working hours.

About Us

Why Should You Stream on Our Platform?

We know you want to control what you do for our platform.
If you register with us, you will find:


We are a reliable and trusted partner who always makes payments on time.


We have various safety tools, such as your safety is our priority.


Amazingly simple and easy to get started.


You get paid weekly, not monthly or longer.


Work only 4 - 8 hours in a day and choose opportunities to earn big prizes.

Why Should You Stream on Our Platform?

1. Download Chamet / ChametU

From Google Play or App Store.

2. Create Chamet Account

Register your own account.

3. Login

With your mobile number.

4. Complete Your Profile

Upload image (avatar first).

5. Account Approval

You can submit your profile page to our operations team for review and approval.



You should wear makeup or use a photo with beautification.

The first step


You should use a photo of yourself.

Second step


Your photos should be in high definition and with proper brightness.

Third step


Your photos should be with a tidy background.

Fourth step


You should use a half-length photo and dress decently.

Fifth step


You should record a voice self-introduction.

Sixth step



Keep your face in the box all the time.

The first step


2. You should be in a bright surrounding.

Second step


3. You should wear makeup and dress decently.

Third step


You should use earphones.

Fourth step


You should not lie down during live streaming.

Fifth step

Face Verification

Face verification is required after registering. To compelete face verification, please go to:

"Face Verification"

You will find a circle mark that will show your face, and there are several commands:

No head : Head slightly up
Blink : Blink your eyes
Open mouth : Open your mouth and close it
Shake head : Shake your head

Streaming Options

Hosts can choose from several options available to receive gifts and earn money:

01. Go Live

Go Live is one of the best choices of our app, because it will make it easier for hosts to get calls and earn gifts.

02. Lets Party

Chamet also has a community. This community consists of several people/users who are playing games by multiplying their beans to get more profit.

03. Random Match

This feature is only used to find new users who are likely to or want to call you and have a lot of beans.

Note: In this feature it is more limited to get beans, so we suggest you to focus more on live mode.

Salary And Payment

Hostesses earn beans by video calls and gifts. The value of the beans 10.000 = 1 USD.

Weekly minimum for fee payment is 100.000 beans = 10 USD.

Hostesses Table :

Note: host withdrawal amount is a multiple of $10.

For Example:

You get $12 / 120.000 beans weekly, but on wednesday or thursday you can only withdraw $10, and the remaining $2 will be left in the app.

There is no bean deletion or a bean timeout, which means the beans will not be deleted or lost just because the girl does not reach the target.

Hosts can see their earnings through My Earning.

Settlement and Payment


The time point of settlement is every Sunday at 23:59 (UTC+8). The time of payment is every Thursday(UTC+8).


2. We send salaries to hostesses' wallets every week. A hostess MUST bind her own phone number and a valid withdrawal method with her account BEFORE withdrawing payment from her wallet.


The salaries are sent to hostesses directly, and the commission fees are sent to agents directly. (Due to policies of different countries, this policy may vary.)


Agents or hostesses must register via ArriPay. If agent: on the dashboard & if host: in my wallet.

Daily & Weekly Events

We have various interesting events that are always held every day and every week:

01. Daily Event / Daily Star

If the total bean revenue in the host country is reached, we usually give prizes to the hosts every day.

Can reach $1000 every day.

For more detailed information, see on our application.

We have various interesting events that are always held every day and every week:

02. Weekly Event

This weekly event is an event between several countries to get prizes every week.

For example Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The host with the highest income from all over the country will get a prize every week and will be announced afterwards and then the prize will be sent on Tuesday.

For more detailed information, please look through our application.

We have various interesting events that are always held every day and every week:

03. Family PK

Family PK is an event for the community of chamet application users.


You can set Arripay payment information and register
which is available on My Wallet To Arripay /

For more information, please contact our staff.

Punishment And Penalties

○ 1 alert in a day, you will be suspended for 5 minutes
○ 2 alerts in a day, you will be suspended for 15 minutes
○ 3 alerts in a day, you will be suspended for 30 minutes
○ 4 alerts in a day, you will be suspended for 24 hours

If you have been suspended for 24 hours, you will not be able to work for a while. Please be patient and careful with the punishment given.

Pornography Rules

Focus on sensitive body parts such as the vagina, hips, and breasts.

Deliberately exposing or exposing sensitive body parts such as the vagina, hips, or breasts.

Twist the hips or breasts.

Put your hands on your body with a movement.

Biting or licking lips, sticking out tongue, or sucking fingers in a sexually seductive manner.

Undress to reveal shoulders, stomach, chest, back, hips, thighs, or vagina.

Showing sex toys or using something for vulgar purposes like licking bananas, eggplants, cucumbers, etc.

Vulgar gestures with sexual or insulting implications.

Wearing tights with clearly visible contours in the vaginal area.

Wearing tights with contours that show the buttocks clearly.

Naked with no underwear on the screen/frame, showing only the shoulders, back and thighs.

Message Rules

Words that have correlated meanings, abbreviations, or phrases are also prohibited.

• Adult content such as pornography is NOT allowed. (e.g., boobs, nipples, penis, pussy, sex, naked, fuck, lust, butt)

• In order to protect streamers, it is NOT allowed to provide users with personal information, such as phone numbers, home addresses, Facebook accounts, WhatsApp, etc. We encourage you to create fictitious information about yourself. (e.g. ID number, home address, phone number, email, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter)

• Other payment information is prohibited from mentioning in sending messages, requesting and receiving money from users through other payment systems, is strictly prohibited. (e.g. PayPal, cash, bank card, GooglePay, WesternUnion

• Offensive words including dirty talk are not allowed. (e.g. nigger, yellow monkey, ching-chong, bastard, whore, etc.)

• No vulgar gestures or symbols. (e.g.🍆, 🖕, 👅, 💦, 👉👌, 👙, 🍌, 🍑, 🍼, ☝, 🔞)

• Any content involving violence, weapons or illegal drugs. (e.g. guns, C4, bombs, drugs, cocaine, marijuana, weed, terrorism)

• NOT allowed to talk about other platforms. If you know of someone requesting a streamer to work on another platform, please report it to us directly or through your agent.

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